søndag 12. september 2010

People are still strange

Life sucked me in again and I didn't have time to come up for air.
Now I think I'm fine and I'll be posting regular again. I'm very sorry. I have not stopped reading your blogs even though I know I haven't commented, again very sorry. I'll be doing a very unrealistic goal now and that is to blog each and every day. The posts might be a lot shorter than they used to but I think it will keep me from these very long breaks. From now on I'll be posting more of my own writing, I have been working on this short story that I'm still some words from finishing. I have also been taking some pictures that I hope I can show you later. There is this whole world of analogue photography that I have never noticed existed. Thank you so much for still leaving me comments even though I disappeared yet again.
See you tomorrow, I promise.

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