tirsdag 18. mai 2010

So this is summer

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Exams are over. Summer for my part has started and I have "nothing" to do for three months. I finally have time to spend my days running outside (listening to Bruce Springsteen), visiting little lakes by my house that I have yet to discover or have neglected visiting for quite some time. I will bring my book and my notebook and a pen and watch the sun rise. I can't wait to work on a tan and drink pepsi from cans and read magazines over and over again and pretend I live in the 60ies and 7oies and use the nights as they should be used, not sleeping but watching movie after movie. I will be updating much more from now on and I will make sure to be better at commenting. Right now I'm going to watch silly TV and take a nap. See you soon.

mandag 3. mai 2010


The Runaways - 2010

To be honest, I haven't been that excited about movies coming out lately. Well, there was Alice in Wonderland and I guess Avatar was ok but I can't say "Last Song", "Prince of Persia" or "Remember me"(to name a few) have got me pre-ordering tickets. This movie, however, have been on my I-want-it-to-come-out-right-now list since I first heard it was being made (all that noise about Kristen Stewart cutting off her hair). As I do love anything 60ies and 70ies, especially when it comes to music, I was very excited when I finally watched it yesterday in the smallest cinema with only 10 or so other people.

I have to be honest I was a little sceptical about Kristen Stewart. Don't get me wrong, I do love Twilight and New Moon (my guilty pleasure) and I do think she fits the part of Bella perfect, but I still think she has some developing to do as far as acting goes. Dekota Fanning on the other side I never doubted. I have been pretty sure since I first saw her in "I am Sam" that she will be her generation's greatest actor.

Truth? They both were amazing. Kristen playing Joan was, in my opinion, her greatest role so far and it really shows that she has the capacity of great acting. Dekota's performance was equally great. Even their singing was great. Another thing I was curious about was the clothes which didn't dissapoint either. I think The Runaways truly captures the 70ies - in music, fashion and spirit.

Why was I born in the 90ies again?