fredag 31. desember 2010


I've moved to brassinpocket for the new year. Please follow me there instead if you want. I don't know if I'll return to this blog again, but for now I think a change of place is the right thing.

In the meantime I'll take the chance to wish you an amazing Christmas and a happy New year!

lørdag 18. september 2010

Wouldn't mind...

Photo: Here

being Clemence at the moment. Or at least a little french.

onsdag 15. september 2010


Why I love fall:

Running Free

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- You can wear all black and don't die from a heatstroke.
- You can wear socks over your stockings.
- You can watch the trees shed their leaves and the ground turn yellow, red and brown.
- You can wear the new black poncho that you bought but couldn't wear because it was too warm.
- You can take lots of pictures of the same thing as you did in summer because they look different now.
- You can start looking forward to winter.
- You can sit indoors while it is raining and drink coffee and watch TV and not feel guilty for not spending time outdoors.
- You can look forward to the first snow.
- You can start thinking about a new plan book (if you use Moleskin, it ends in December!)
- You can start the countdown for Harry Potter (19 November) and Sofia Coppola's Somewhere (26 December).
- You can take pictures of the moon because it is finally dark enough.

mandag 13. september 2010


Cassie Ainsworth (Hannah Murray)

Do watch Skins. All day and all morning. All seasons but especially season one and two.

Cassie: I'll love you forever, Sid.

Sid: You will?
Cassie: Yes. That's the problem.

søndag 12. september 2010

People are still strange

Life sucked me in again and I didn't have time to come up for air.
Now I think I'm fine and I'll be posting regular again. I'm very sorry. I have not stopped reading your blogs even though I know I haven't commented, again very sorry. I'll be doing a very unrealistic goal now and that is to blog each and every day. The posts might be a lot shorter than they used to but I think it will keep me from these very long breaks. From now on I'll be posting more of my own writing, I have been working on this short story that I'm still some words from finishing. I have also been taking some pictures that I hope I can show you later. There is this whole world of analogue photography that I have never noticed existed. Thank you so much for still leaving me comments even though I disappeared yet again.
See you tomorrow, I promise.

mandag 5. juli 2010

People are strange

Found here

I'm not gone. I'm still here. I've started working to earn some much needed money but sadly it is full-time when I looked for part-time. I know I shouldn't complain though, I had the most amazing month of freedom (really an entire year comparing uni to school) and I had a wonderful time in Greece with my family. I'll leave this short and post something decent sometime soon - hopefully tomorrow.

Now I will wait for the weekend and August when uni starts and I'm "free" once again.

tirsdag 18. mai 2010

So this is summer

Found here

Exams are over. Summer for my part has started and I have "nothing" to do for three months. I finally have time to spend my days running outside (listening to Bruce Springsteen), visiting little lakes by my house that I have yet to discover or have neglected visiting for quite some time. I will bring my book and my notebook and a pen and watch the sun rise. I can't wait to work on a tan and drink pepsi from cans and read magazines over and over again and pretend I live in the 60ies and 7oies and use the nights as they should be used, not sleeping but watching movie after movie. I will be updating much more from now on and I will make sure to be better at commenting. Right now I'm going to watch silly TV and take a nap. See you soon.

mandag 3. mai 2010


The Runaways - 2010

To be honest, I haven't been that excited about movies coming out lately. Well, there was Alice in Wonderland and I guess Avatar was ok but I can't say "Last Song", "Prince of Persia" or "Remember me"(to name a few) have got me pre-ordering tickets. This movie, however, have been on my I-want-it-to-come-out-right-now list since I first heard it was being made (all that noise about Kristen Stewart cutting off her hair). As I do love anything 60ies and 70ies, especially when it comes to music, I was very excited when I finally watched it yesterday in the smallest cinema with only 10 or so other people.

I have to be honest I was a little sceptical about Kristen Stewart. Don't get me wrong, I do love Twilight and New Moon (my guilty pleasure) and I do think she fits the part of Bella perfect, but I still think she has some developing to do as far as acting goes. Dekota Fanning on the other side I never doubted. I have been pretty sure since I first saw her in "I am Sam" that she will be her generation's greatest actor.

Truth? They both were amazing. Kristen playing Joan was, in my opinion, her greatest role so far and it really shows that she has the capacity of great acting. Dekota's performance was equally great. Even their singing was great. Another thing I was curious about was the clothes which didn't dissapoint either. I think The Runaways truly captures the 70ies - in music, fashion and spirit.

Why was I born in the 90ies again?

tirsdag 20. april 2010

I can't stop loving you

Metropolis or Metoroporisu (2001) is an anime by director Rintaro. One of the most beautiful anime movies you'll ever see. My favoruite scene is when the city falls apart to the music of Ray Charles.

Sorry my commenting have been bad, I'll get back to it tonight, promise.

torsdag 15. april 2010

And everything turns into something

H&M Festival Collection, Found here

It's my birthday today and I'm now *drumroll* twenty years old! It does feel different than all my other birthdays as I do feel quite much older than I did yesterday. I have changed a lot over the years since my first april day but most of the changes has been made over the last months and it has been overwhelming to say the least. I'm not finished changing yet, and I guess I never will, but now that I have a clearer image of myself I think it will be easier to finally be comfortable with who I am and the goals I want to reach.

I have so much to be thankful for in my now twenty year long life: My family, the few friends that care and my passions for music, movies and books and my love for writing. I do not know who I would be or what I would do without them all and it is easier to ignore the not so good when I remember this.

This day will be used eating chocolate cupcakes and tomorrow I will celebrate with dinner and cakes and family.

Oh, and aren't the H&M Festival collection wonderful? Reminds me of Woodstock and the love that is the 70'ies.

fredag 9. april 2010

Because it's fine, it's ok

Found here

Found here

Found here

Spring is finally here and although my usual pessimistic mood is unyielding I can't help but feel a little more optimistic with the aspect of spring looming around the corner. It feels amazing to be able to go outside without having to turn into a snow man. The feeling of the sun on the skin, green patches visible underneat the lingering snow, is all reasons enough to go outside and just enjoy everything that was deprived by winter.

I try, as often as I can, to appreciate this. When winter comes I always miss summer but when the spring arrives I have a tendency to take it for granted and spring and summer is much too short, at least were I live.

Therefor, each and every morning, I wake up much too early and have a nice breakfast by the window. No books, no computer, no anything. I have found that having a nice start to the day has a tendency to keep a general good feeling throughout the day - very worth having to wake up an hour early!

onsdag 31. mars 2010

What I have found

Found here

Found here

Found here

I'm home again. London was everything I had hoped for and so much more. The days were spent walking around London's many streets, shopping, people looking (my favourite! The londoners are all so very stylish!), eating pizza, slurping down Starbuck mocca frappocinos, buying fresh sushi packed in singles, taking the river cruise, jumping off and on the tourist bus and taking the underground to all of London's different places.

This holiday will stay somewhat special for me I'm sure. My clothing style has changed drastically over the course of the last year so it was good to finally fill up my wardrobe with clothes that are more me. Over the previous years I have moved through so many styles of clothes, I have even dabbled into the black world of goths (!), but now I think, finally, I have found something that is truly me. My belief is that clothes isn't merely a garment in which we choose to dress ourself (as going outside nude is not an option for most people) but rather a way to define yourself and, without uttering a single word, tell the world: This is me. It's no denying my belief that the reason for my messed (and not in a good way), undecided style has it's roots in the feeling of being lost and the question that has been roaming inside my head since the beginning of time: Who am I? I'm not saying that by finding your own personal style you will answer those questions but, at least for me, I think it is a step in the right direction.
Right now I'm sitting here eating breakfast consisting of Dr. Pepper and japanese Mochi, the perfect way to start the day, agree? I'm still a bit tired and I have to start stuying today again and needing to set up a new routine, (I'm in a desperate need of a good reading routine). I also have a nighttime movie prepared with Jude Law today. If I can't stay in England forever at least for now I have my dear Mr. Law.

I know I have been beyond bad at commenting and such. I promise it will all better really soon, I can't wait to go through my bloglovin list, although last time I looked it was ca. 500 +. See you all soon!

mandag 8. mars 2010

Curiouser & curiouser

You’re mad. Bonkers. Off your head. But I’ll tell you a secret; all the best people are.


I've always loved the idea of falling into a rabbit hole and arriving in Wonderland. Arriving in a world where no rules applied and everything was as crazy as the wildest dream. I've always fallen madly in love with anything that is impossible.

Watch it watch it watch it. If not for any other reason than watching Johnny Depp doing the crazy dance. Thank you Tim Burton for making another fantastic, dreamy movie to fall away in.

onsdag 10. februar 2010

It's going to end soon but this is not goodbye


Joel: I could die right now, Clem. I'm just... happy. I've never felt that before. I'm just exactly where I want to be.

I sometimes think that if Lacuna, Inc were real they would have made good money.

søndag 7. februar 2010

Elsk meg i morgen

I seem to pick the color of you


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onsdag 27. januar 2010

Movie Wednesday: Marie Antoinette


First: I know I say this about a lot of movies but I just can't help it. This is one of my favourite movies. I usually call this my guilty pleasure for some reason (and I hate that most people think of that as a negative). This is 100 % eye candy from start to credits, it's pink and it's sweet and absolutely amazing. Now, in comparison to Lost in Translation, Marie Antoinette is very easy to find decent pictures from (rumours have it that this movie inspired the whole tumblr concept!!!) but I couldn't help myself from taking some own screenshots just to have an excuse to see my favourite parts of the movie all over again despite the fact that I saw the whole movie just some days ago, as I said, guilty pleasure.


As I am sure you all know, this is the latest movie by Sofia Coppola (also maker of Lost in Translation among other). What separates this movie from all other historical movies I have glued my eyes on is how Sofia magically blends modern day culture with old dusty history, you can even spot a pair of converse among all the shoes Marie tries on (like a Carrie Bradshaw of the 1700).


Having trays of candy, cakes and macaroons available while watching is advisable...


One of the first thing you notice about this movie is how Sofia has completely omitted the use of old fashioned music on her soundtrack. Instead you have music unheard of in the 1700-hundreds but that somehow, magically, couldn't fit the story any better.


This is from my favourite scene where the song "Fools rush in" plays in the background.


I love that the movie shows how things were so different long ago, and still some things never change regardless of time. But I have to admit, I mostly love it because of the pretty! No shame in that right? Me and my sister have a tendency to not watch the end though for reasons I'm sure those who know history is well aware of (that makes it more of a guilty pleasure, no?)


Oh wow, this became such a long post! Anyway, I really hope you watch this movie! It will make you dream about amazing costumes and cupcakes for sure :-)

lørdag 16. januar 2010

London Calling


It's time to fly over the pond again! I've been hoping for this for years and now it's finally planned. Airplane tickets are ordered, the date is set, and I can't help but dream myself away to endless days spent shopping, eating at Starbucks and just being with my family. We are leaving in the end of March.

On a completely other note, yesterday I watched Vanilla Sky again. Last time I watched it I didn't like it very much. Yesterday, let's just say, there were tears. Such a beautiful movie at times, the ending really was truly beautiful. When this happens, when I see an old movie a completely different way, I can't help but wonder how much a person can change over time. The movie is just the same year after year but one day you can find yourself seeing it with different eyes.

Next post will be a movie post and a things I love post (kind of like things I love Thursday except it wouldn't be Thursday).

Oh, and you should really check out this tumblr: movieoftheday. Bye for now!

lørdag 9. januar 2010

Poppy love

A little note to tell you all I'm still alive. I had a most wonderful Christmas and there was snow too, lots of snow. I have watched lots of movies and series (mostly Sex and the City, I'm such a Carrie fan!) and played Zelda on the new wii. My sister was home for the holidays and we spent quite some time together for once which was nice.

So on to the costumary what-I'm-excited-for-in-2010-list!
<3 Spring and summer: Will be amazing this year. Cabin in the middle of nowhere, swimming in the river, planting poppies in the garden and my windows, reading magazines on the grass, wearing dresses and smiles will make summer 2010 the most amazing one yet.
<3 London! I'm going there sometime in May I think. The plans aren't complete yet, but I'm stiill very excited. Topshop here I come!
<3 Alice in Wonderland: Geekish I know, but hello! I have waited for this movie all since Johnny promised us a new Tim Burton movie after Sweeney Todd (not that I ever doubted there would be one). Amazing! Oh, and it's on 3D! Not that I care so much for 3D movies but I have never seen Johnny Depp in one before... need I say more?
<3 Essie nailpolish in Mint Candy Apple and One of a Kind! Well, this sounds lame, but seriously! I'm very excited to have these two landing in my mail! I've always wanted Chanel Jade Green but I can't get it anywhere, so Mint Candy Apple is a good dupe! And One of a Kind is a poppy color...
<3 Writing! This year will be the year I'll seriously start to write again!
<3 Trip to Sweden: Well this one isn't planned at all, but I'm sure I can make it happen in the summer sometime. Monki, monki, monki...

Oh, and did you know poppies is my favourite flower and that it stands for eternal sleep? Oh, and there is Pride and Prejudice on TV tonight... rambling...