onsdag 27. januar 2010

Movie Wednesday: Marie Antoinette


First: I know I say this about a lot of movies but I just can't help it. This is one of my favourite movies. I usually call this my guilty pleasure for some reason (and I hate that most people think of that as a negative). This is 100 % eye candy from start to credits, it's pink and it's sweet and absolutely amazing. Now, in comparison to Lost in Translation, Marie Antoinette is very easy to find decent pictures from (rumours have it that this movie inspired the whole tumblr concept!!!) but I couldn't help myself from taking some own screenshots just to have an excuse to see my favourite parts of the movie all over again despite the fact that I saw the whole movie just some days ago, as I said, guilty pleasure.


As I am sure you all know, this is the latest movie by Sofia Coppola (also maker of Lost in Translation among other). What separates this movie from all other historical movies I have glued my eyes on is how Sofia magically blends modern day culture with old dusty history, you can even spot a pair of converse among all the shoes Marie tries on (like a Carrie Bradshaw of the 1700).


Having trays of candy, cakes and macaroons available while watching is advisable...


One of the first thing you notice about this movie is how Sofia has completely omitted the use of old fashioned music on her soundtrack. Instead you have music unheard of in the 1700-hundreds but that somehow, magically, couldn't fit the story any better.


This is from my favourite scene where the song "Fools rush in" plays in the background.


I love that the movie shows how things were so different long ago, and still some things never change regardless of time. But I have to admit, I mostly love it because of the pretty! No shame in that right? Me and my sister have a tendency to not watch the end though for reasons I'm sure those who know history is well aware of (that makes it more of a guilty pleasure, no?)


Oh wow, this became such a long post! Anyway, I really hope you watch this movie! It will make you dream about amazing costumes and cupcakes for sure :-)

lørdag 16. januar 2010

London Calling


It's time to fly over the pond again! I've been hoping for this for years and now it's finally planned. Airplane tickets are ordered, the date is set, and I can't help but dream myself away to endless days spent shopping, eating at Starbucks and just being with my family. We are leaving in the end of March.

On a completely other note, yesterday I watched Vanilla Sky again. Last time I watched it I didn't like it very much. Yesterday, let's just say, there were tears. Such a beautiful movie at times, the ending really was truly beautiful. When this happens, when I see an old movie a completely different way, I can't help but wonder how much a person can change over time. The movie is just the same year after year but one day you can find yourself seeing it with different eyes.

Next post will be a movie post and a things I love post (kind of like things I love Thursday except it wouldn't be Thursday).

Oh, and you should really check out this tumblr: movieoftheday. Bye for now!

lørdag 9. januar 2010

Poppy love

A little note to tell you all I'm still alive. I had a most wonderful Christmas and there was snow too, lots of snow. I have watched lots of movies and series (mostly Sex and the City, I'm such a Carrie fan!) and played Zelda on the new wii. My sister was home for the holidays and we spent quite some time together for once which was nice.

So on to the costumary what-I'm-excited-for-in-2010-list!
<3 Spring and summer: Will be amazing this year. Cabin in the middle of nowhere, swimming in the river, planting poppies in the garden and my windows, reading magazines on the grass, wearing dresses and smiles will make summer 2010 the most amazing one yet.
<3 London! I'm going there sometime in May I think. The plans aren't complete yet, but I'm stiill very excited. Topshop here I come!
<3 Alice in Wonderland: Geekish I know, but hello! I have waited for this movie all since Johnny promised us a new Tim Burton movie after Sweeney Todd (not that I ever doubted there would be one). Amazing! Oh, and it's on 3D! Not that I care so much for 3D movies but I have never seen Johnny Depp in one before... need I say more?
<3 Essie nailpolish in Mint Candy Apple and One of a Kind! Well, this sounds lame, but seriously! I'm very excited to have these two landing in my mail! I've always wanted Chanel Jade Green but I can't get it anywhere, so Mint Candy Apple is a good dupe! And One of a Kind is a poppy color...
<3 Writing! This year will be the year I'll seriously start to write again!
<3 Trip to Sweden: Well this one isn't planned at all, but I'm sure I can make it happen in the summer sometime. Monki, monki, monki...

Oh, and did you know poppies is my favourite flower and that it stands for eternal sleep? Oh, and there is Pride and Prejudice on TV tonight... rambling...