onsdag 27. januar 2010

Movie Wednesday: Marie Antoinette


First: I know I say this about a lot of movies but I just can't help it. This is one of my favourite movies. I usually call this my guilty pleasure for some reason (and I hate that most people think of that as a negative). This is 100 % eye candy from start to credits, it's pink and it's sweet and absolutely amazing. Now, in comparison to Lost in Translation, Marie Antoinette is very easy to find decent pictures from (rumours have it that this movie inspired the whole tumblr concept!!!) but I couldn't help myself from taking some own screenshots just to have an excuse to see my favourite parts of the movie all over again despite the fact that I saw the whole movie just some days ago, as I said, guilty pleasure.


As I am sure you all know, this is the latest movie by Sofia Coppola (also maker of Lost in Translation among other). What separates this movie from all other historical movies I have glued my eyes on is how Sofia magically blends modern day culture with old dusty history, you can even spot a pair of converse among all the shoes Marie tries on (like a Carrie Bradshaw of the 1700).


Having trays of candy, cakes and macaroons available while watching is advisable...


One of the first thing you notice about this movie is how Sofia has completely omitted the use of old fashioned music on her soundtrack. Instead you have music unheard of in the 1700-hundreds but that somehow, magically, couldn't fit the story any better.


This is from my favourite scene where the song "Fools rush in" plays in the background.


I love that the movie shows how things were so different long ago, and still some things never change regardless of time. But I have to admit, I mostly love it because of the pretty! No shame in that right? Me and my sister have a tendency to not watch the end though for reasons I'm sure those who know history is well aware of (that makes it more of a guilty pleasure, no?)


Oh wow, this became such a long post! Anyway, I really hope you watch this movie! It will make you dream about amazing costumes and cupcakes for sure :-)

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Mae sa...

thank you for your feedback! by the way, your blog is absolutely dreamy...like edward scissorhands <3 !

Cassidy sa...

you know how some movies are made to me movies ? well in my opinion , i think this movie was made to be a statement ; it's so much more than a film .
i agree , it's my guilty pleasure too ! i can't tear my gaze away when i watch it .

LookingGlassGirl sa...

I love this film. It's so colourful!

Every Little Counts sa...

sofia coppola is a genius. and the use of "ceremony" by new order just kills me.

Tammie Lee sa...

it is fun hearing about the movie through you. I will enjoy it in a different way when I do see it. Thank you. plus i will have to have treats handy '-}

meandering pearl sa...

i havnt seen it but oh how i love eye candy...i think i shall youtube it :)

precious wishes