onsdag 15. september 2010


Why I love fall:

Running Free

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- You can wear all black and don't die from a heatstroke.
- You can wear socks over your stockings.
- You can watch the trees shed their leaves and the ground turn yellow, red and brown.
- You can wear the new black poncho that you bought but couldn't wear because it was too warm.
- You can take lots of pictures of the same thing as you did in summer because they look different now.
- You can start looking forward to winter.
- You can sit indoors while it is raining and drink coffee and watch TV and not feel guilty for not spending time outdoors.
- You can look forward to the first snow.
- You can start thinking about a new plan book (if you use Moleskin, it ends in December!)
- You can start the countdown for Harry Potter (19 November) and Sofia Coppola's Somewhere (26 December).
- You can take pictures of the moon because it is finally dark enough.

4 kommentarer:

Lesley sa...

I lovee fall and am so glad it's almost here!

Maddie M. sa...

This was beautiful to read. I am so incredibly excited for fall.
And Sophia Coppola's new film looks absolutely stunning as usual.

Anonym sa...

I'm so jealous I'm in spring time, and I feel as though I have wasted my fall and winter because I live where nothing ever happens.

I suppose that I have next year to make it special, though.
Thank you for another entirely beautiful post, lovely. You're so beautiful!

Please check out my blog 'lets run away' at http://thislittleblogbelongstome.blogspot.com

Much Love,
Norah xx

Tammie Lee sa...

hello dear lady,
there are a lot of wonderful things about autumn!

this photo is wonderful~