onsdag 31. mars 2010

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I'm home again. London was everything I had hoped for and so much more. The days were spent walking around London's many streets, shopping, people looking (my favourite! The londoners are all so very stylish!), eating pizza, slurping down Starbuck mocca frappocinos, buying fresh sushi packed in singles, taking the river cruise, jumping off and on the tourist bus and taking the underground to all of London's different places.

This holiday will stay somewhat special for me I'm sure. My clothing style has changed drastically over the course of the last year so it was good to finally fill up my wardrobe with clothes that are more me. Over the previous years I have moved through so many styles of clothes, I have even dabbled into the black world of goths (!), but now I think, finally, I have found something that is truly me. My belief is that clothes isn't merely a garment in which we choose to dress ourself (as going outside nude is not an option for most people) but rather a way to define yourself and, without uttering a single word, tell the world: This is me. It's no denying my belief that the reason for my messed (and not in a good way), undecided style has it's roots in the feeling of being lost and the question that has been roaming inside my head since the beginning of time: Who am I? I'm not saying that by finding your own personal style you will answer those questions but, at least for me, I think it is a step in the right direction.
Right now I'm sitting here eating breakfast consisting of Dr. Pepper and japanese Mochi, the perfect way to start the day, agree? I'm still a bit tired and I have to start stuying today again and needing to set up a new routine, (I'm in a desperate need of a good reading routine). I also have a nighttime movie prepared with Jude Law today. If I can't stay in England forever at least for now I have my dear Mr. Law.

I know I have been beyond bad at commenting and such. I promise it will all better really soon, I can't wait to go through my bloglovin list, although last time I looked it was ca. 500 +. See you all soon!

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Tammie Lee sa...

welcome home. I have thought of you a few times in the past week. It seemed so perfect that you stopped in to visit my blog. For me clothing and jewelry is medicine, the right support and spirit for the moment, day or week. I love the flowery thin fabrics and styles you share here, just what I have been craving lately.

chocandcinnamon sa...

Oh, I love London soo much, and everytime I go I really enjoy looking at how people dress ♥

Clara sa...

lovely post
great blog!

milky rose sa...

your trip to london sounds rather lovely, id very much like to go there sometime. to go to all the shops and see mr big ben. happy easter. samantha ♥

Anonym sa...


{Sprinkle Diary} Maddie. sa...

Welcome home! I'd missed your posts and was beginning to worry you were another one of my favorite bloggers that had completely disappeared..
I love your philosophy on style. As usual, your writing never ceases to inspire me, even in the simplest ways.

Mila sa...

hello dear you!

London is sooo amazing, isn't it? I also loved it to bits! <3
I know exactly what you mean about style...<3

LookingGlassGirl sa...

Glad you enjoyed London. I know what you mean about questioning who you are. I'm having the same problem at the moment.

Electro Geisha sa...

welcome home. I know! -for London. I had a same feeling when I visited. I was like WOW! blown away and didn`t wanna leave. I miss it so much, and I always feel like I belong there, Like London is my true home...

have a nice weekend and a cheerful spring :)

Michele sa...

That shirt, OMG so pretty!

Lenore sa...

I remember when I went to London years ago...it was magical <3

how have you been?


Lenore sa...

I've been doing pretty up and down as well.....sometimes I feel like theres way too much in my head :p

But all in all, I've been great :)