mandag 8. mars 2010

Curiouser & curiouser

You’re mad. Bonkers. Off your head. But I’ll tell you a secret; all the best people are.


I've always loved the idea of falling into a rabbit hole and arriving in Wonderland. Arriving in a world where no rules applied and everything was as crazy as the wildest dream. I've always fallen madly in love with anything that is impossible.

Watch it watch it watch it. If not for any other reason than watching Johnny Depp doing the crazy dance. Thank you Tim Burton for making another fantastic, dreamy movie to fall away in.

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Electro Geisha sa...

I saw the photo and I knew it - Alice. so I decided not to read anything because I am planning on seeing it soon, but don`t want to spoil the fun, or to get an impression before. Don`t be mad :) I will read later :D

natasja sa...

lovely movie, tim burton makes dreams come true

Erika sa...

I am obsessed with Alice in Wonderland - always have been, always will be. In fact, I'm re-reading the book right now!! :)

sanchez sa...

I loved alice in wonderland
It was amazing
She was amazing
Johnny Depp was amazing
everything was amazing...
(I think i've said amazing too much)
but theres something about alice in wonderland which makes me feel so childish, it makes me feel like I don't really know the world in which I grew up in.

I like that.

and I like your blog :)

{Sprinkle Diary} Maddie. sa...

Alice in Wonderland was absolutely fantastic, this was one of my favorite costumes from the whole film, too.
How are you, we haven't talked in a while?
xoxo M.

Anonym sa...


Beth Ruby sa...

Awesome post!
I loved this film, Mia whatsherface was amazing in it!
Love that fab quote too :D

milky rose sa...

alice in wonderland was so enchanting. i love alices costumes and johnny depps character espcially his scottish accent. sometimes i wish we could do just that, fall down a rabbit hole into a world where anything is possible. much love, samantha ♥

STARR sa...

I loved all her dresses and how they looked when she changed sizes. The dance I could have done without lol

kate maggie sa...

ive secretly always wished that i would fall into a rabbit hole aswell! x great picture and blog.