onsdag 23. september 2009

Movie wednesday: Dead Man

Found on weheartit
Johnny Depp as William Blake, Dead Man, 1995

I have an obsession, like I'm sure many others, with Johnny Depp. He is not only perfect eye-candy, he is also one of the best skilled actors out there to date. His movie choices is often met by his wish to work with only the best whether it is actor, director (Tim Burton), or script.

Watching Dead Man some days ago, although I have watched it before, made me realize just how much I love this film. The scenography is amazing, each scene has it's own magic. I love how every still of the movie could be a masterpiece on it's own.

Now I desperately crave a faux fur coat for some reason...

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Lenore sa...

this inspired me so much!! I have to see this movie now :) And Johnny depp is the full package isnt he? Eye candy and Skills...perfection :DD

so how have you been?


Tammie Lee sa...

oh my, I had no idea that there was a JD movie I have not seen! Fun!

Bianca and Isabella sa...


the crumpet girls

Mermaid sa...

I adore Johnny Depp but I've never seen this film. It's on my list now. <3

LookingGlassGirl sa...

Oh my, I just went to Bath to visit a friend and we went to the Royal Crescent, where Johnny Depp supposedly owns a house.

Lola-Elise sa...

I will make it a priority to watch this. Thankyou for this great post ;)