fredag 25. september 2009

February 17th

Found on weheartit

Sometimes you ignore things that can be painful. You know something is true but you just don’t think about it. You keep it hidden behind your consciousness, tucked away with dreams. Secretly you know what is true it’s just that you prefer the lie. That evening we all did that. We all forgot. We all lived in the lie that it would continue forever. We all thought that the night would never die, that morning would just be a laugh and the sun would turn out to be paper mache and candy would scatter when Bill threw a chair at it. I don’t regret it. I don’t think anyone of us did. We deserved it. We deserved one last laugh. One last time.

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agnes sa...

this is just sooo true. I must confess that i fake sometimes, i have no idea why but it comes out soo naturally and that shocked me. perhpas it's a form a self-protection or sth similar? gosh.. we are living in such a complicated world. lol

THANK YOU SOO MUCH FOR YOUR COMMENT my dear! i love reading comments and that makes me smile :)

oh, I wish i can post more often too!! it's just that i am now trying to get used to the new university school life and that doesn't leave me much time to write. but i will try.. promise!

agnes xx

Anonym sa...

Jeg er litt usikker på hva jeg kjøpte den for, men tror det var cirka 4-500 NOK. Hva synes om 250 inkludert porto?

Valentine sa...

Hi there!

I dont know what Im trying to do by leaving this message. I certainly dont mean to cause you any form of sadness. But perhaps, in this simple manner.. Id be able to extend further help.

I just thought that people, the world over might want to know what happened. Even through a single person's perspective. I hope that it might move them and start a chain.. of good thoughts and prayers.

So there it is. I hope you help me spread the word. Ive written it all down. On my blog.

Thank you very much, dearest!


Sprinkle M. sa...

beautiful, as always.

LookingGlassGirl sa...

Lovely piece of writing.

La Couturier sa...

i really do love your little bits and bobbins of pure wisdom - so, so true.

bisous, xx

Tammie Lee sa...

This is an interesting piece, it makes me want to know what happened~

Anonym sa...

Den er grei, god tur til London! :-)

Valentine sa...

Now, I can finally sit down and really read what you wrote. :-)

I tend to be the same way, preferring lies over the truth. Things can become so complicated that lies become easier to accept because the truth.. well.. it can be hard to swallow at times.


Teabagstains sa...

this right here is EXACTLY how i feel at the moment.
so glad u posted this miss