onsdag 23. desember 2009

Movie Wednesday: Lost in translation






A special treat for you today! My favourite movie of all times, at least the movie I have watched the most! I had such a hard time finding decent pictures from my favourite scenes which I find quite strange so I had to screencap them myself. Isn't this movie just perfection? I understand those who find this movie to be plotless or/and boring but I think it is quite the opposite. I love how this movie is stripped of anything close to a cliché, how the music helps create such a dreamy atmosphere. I love how it depicts two people being so lost in life even though they seem to have a perfect ones and how they, in the end, find love and comfort in each other.

Watch it and love it. I promise, if you give this movie time, it will be one of the best you have ever seen. In all honesty, I did hate it the first time I watched it.

Bob: I don't want to leave.
Charlotte: So don't. Stay here with me. We'll start a jazz band.

I wish you all an amazing Christmas. I'm sure I'll see you all before the new year settles in.

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agnes sa...

Merry Christmas my dear!!!

open the following link for the christmas card :)


Take Care!
agnes xx

Sprinkle M. sa...

I've been wanting to watch this movie for sooo long. Sophia Coppola is my hero, so I'm hoping it lives up to my expectations. I love that feeling that independent films leave you with, of confusion. Whether or not you loved it or hated it. Pondering on what you learned. I also love how they don't always have a happy ending, because it means much more than happily ever after.
Beautiful! xoxo
Maddie. (I'm thinking about going by my real name...)

Tammie Lee sa...

another movie to see, fun.
I did rent Edward S. and it was wonderful to see, as I had not seen it since it first came out. Thank you for the inspiration!

STARR sa...

One of my favs too!

KATIA sa...

I've never seen it! Seems like an interesting one :)

Christina Love sa...

Love The Blog!


erin meagan sa...

i haven't seen it. should i?

Beth Ruby sa...

Merry Christmas and a happy new year!
I NEED to see this film! Scarlet looks amazing in it and from what I have heard it has awesome quotes :)
Great photos

C.Chico sa...

sofia coppola is a genius. this has to be one of my favorite movies

MoonFlower sa...

This is my fav movie too!!!!

Every Little Counts sa...

definitely one of my all-time favorite films. sofia coppola is a genius.